Recharger son véhicule
Electric vehicle guide

Charging an electric vehicle

Once plugged in, the electric car charges on its own just like a cellphone; no monitoring needed. When charging is done mainly at home, the battery is full every day. When travelling, EV drivers can rely on public charging networks. An increasing number of employers now provide charging stations at work.

Where to charge your vehicle

At home, there are two possible charging options: using the basic charging equipment provided with the new vehicle, in a 120V outlet, or purchasing a 240V charging station and having it installed by an electrician.

Access to charging stations at work encourages the acquisition of a plug-in vehicle, which is why the Québec Government – through Transition énergétique Québec – offers financial assistance to companies wishing to make charging stations available for their employees.

For charging on the road, an EV driver plans breaks according to charging needs. A stop at a tourist destination, a meal break or a snack become opportunities to plug in. Public charging networks include three types of charging stations: 240V charging stations, DC fast charging stations (DCFC) and Tesla Superchargers (for Tesla vehicles only).


Financial support for a residential charging station (240V)

The Québec Government's Drive Electric program allows drivers who buy or lease a plug-in vehicle to receive up to $600 in financial support for the purchase and installation of a charging station (240 V) at home.

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Durée et vitesse de recharge

Charging time and charging speed

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle? We only rarely have to worry about that since charging is almost always done at home. That being said, the time required to recharge a battery up to 80% or 100% depends on several factors including battery capacity and charging speed.

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Optimiser l'autonomie

Range optimizing

To maximize the number of kilometres travelled between charging sessions, EV drivers apply ecodriving principles, take advantage of energy recovery when braking and precondition their vehicle before a trip.

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Variations saisonnières de l’autonomie

Seasonal variations of electric range

Whether it is gasoline-fuelled or electric, a car will consume more in winter. Cold weather affects all vehicles’ energy efficiency.

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Why drive electric?


Types of plug-in vehicles