Even if monthly installments are higher, a plug-in vehicle can end up costing 10% to 20% less because of reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Imagine what you could save by choosing the smallest possible electric vehicle that meets your needs, or even by choosing a second hand electric vehicle! Getting around has never been so economical!


Among the savings on usage-related costs, savings on energy costs are the most significant.

Energy costs for an electric vehicle are generally cut by more than 75%.

Compared with a vehicle consuming 8 L/100 km, an EV driver will have saved $1,600 after 20,000 kilometres.

In addition to saving money on energy, EV drivers also save on vehicle maintenance costs, particularly on oil and brakes.

Reduced energy and maintenance costs mean that even if monthly installments are higher, a plug-in vehicle can end up costing 10% to 20% less!


Comparison: savings per 20,000 km

Use our "Savings per 20,000 km" indicator, calculated for each model, to visualize the savings you could make compared to a gasoline vehicle of the same category.

This indicator was calculated taking into account energy costs and two maintenance operations (oil and brakes).

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Subsidies of up to $12,000

The Québec and Canadian governments provide rebates to individuals, businesses, organizations and municipalities for the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle.

These rebates can go up to $12,000 for a new vehicle and $3,500 for a used vehicle.

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Savings on Maintenance Costs

Compared to a gasoline vehicle, an electric vehicle’s maintenance costs

are reduced by 50% on average.

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Used EV ... reliable and best value for money

The used electric car is a much more economical option than a new car.

Nothing to worry about when it comes to reliability: according to CAA-Quebec, Protégez-vous and Consumer Reports, EV are even more reliable. Not to mention that it is a much more ecological choice.

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Companies that subsidize electric vehicles

Some large Quebec companies choose to encourage their employees to swap their gasoline cars for an electric vehicle.

These grants are in addition to government and municipal programs.

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Financial assistance for businesses and organizations

To businesses and organizations, the governments of Quebec and Canada offer several specific subsidy programs to encourage them to electrify their fleets...

All kind of electric commercial vehicles are covered, from large to small, from heavy trucks to electric cargo bikes.

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The green plate grants many privileges

- Access to reserved lanes

- Toll exemptions on certain bridges

- Fee exemptions for vehicles on ferries

- In some cities, free parking

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The additional cost is quickly absorbed

Government subsidies cover some or all of the additional cost of a plug-in vehicle’s purchase price. The difference, if any, will be absorbed after a certain number of kilometers travelled through savings related to vehicle usage.

This number of kilometres is the price equivalency point, calculated for each plug-in vehicle.

By choosing a car in accordance with your needs, any additional cost may disappear quickly.

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