Electric cars feel like a gas-powered cars, but their characteristics make the experience much more enjoyable.


Running on Québec’s clean energy

The energy produced in Quebec is one of the cleanest in the world, 99% coming from renewable energies.

Thus, the environmental impact of electric vehicles is particularly beneficial in Québec, considering the fight against climate change

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Improved environmental performance

Though electric vehicles have a higher environmental impact at the manufacturing stage than gasoline vehicles (due its battery), a complete life cycle analysis reveals that after driving 150,000 km, electric vehicles emit 65% less greenhouse gases than gasoline vehicles.

The environmental performance is positive in these four areas:

- human health,

- quality of ecosystems,

- climate change,

- depletion of fossil resources

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Our test drivers are convinced!

- Snap acceleration

- No engine noise or vibration

- Superior handling

- One-pedal driving


Filling up at home is easy!

No need to stop at the gas station anymore! Charging at home is easy and only takes a few seconds. Start every day with a full charge.


Defrost your car without polluting

For environmental reasons, many Québec municipalities limit idling to three minutes for thermal vehicles, but it isn’t an issue for electric vehicles. You can therefore remorselessly preheat your car before leaving!

In the case of plug-in hybrids, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is still plugged into the charging station when preheating to prevent the gasoline engine from starting.

Four ways to minimize environmental impacts


When possible, use public or active transportation, carpool, or opt for car sharing.


Keep your current vehicle for longer, especially if you don’t drive a lot and if your vehicle is energy efficient.


If you are making the switch to an electric vehicle, be sure to choose a model whose range – and by extension whose battery size – is truly in accordance with you needs.

Even better, choose a smaller model that still meets your needs, or even a second-hand electric vehicle!


If you change to a newer gas model, choose a smaller size that matches your actual needs and – most importantly – consumes the least amount of gasoline possible.


Discover the electrical experience, go for a ride

A test drive will allow you to experience the electric vehicle’s snap acceleration and superior handling.

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