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All About EV Repairability

25 October 2023

With the ever-increasing number of electric vehicles on our roads, it is about time we dispelled the myth that there are few auto repair services equipped and trained to meet the needs of EV drivers, that it is expensive to service your EV, and that the battery will need to be replaced down the road before the car's end of life. Not only is this inaccurate but servicing an electric car costs half as much on average as a gasoline-powered car.

With the boom in the electrification of transportation, garages had no choice but to update their practices to keep up with the electric wave. Whether through vocational training recognized by the Ministry of Education or through the EV Skills program offered by the Conseil provincial des comités paritaires de l'industrie des services automobiles (CPCPA), EV-certified garages are now widespread. To easily locate a mechanic who can repair your EV, visit the CAA-Québec website for a list of certified auto repair services: the green EV icon will help you locate one in your area. Note that the EV Skills website also lists certified service centers. Furthermore, there are now specialized garages focusing exclusively on electric vehicles.

As for the motor, the mechanics of an EV are much simpler than those of an internal combustion engine. No more belts, filters, spark plugs, exhausts or coolants. It's even a question of mathematics: an electric motor has around 50 parts, whereas a gasoline engine has over 200. Oil changes are also a thing of the past. And let's not forget that an EV's regenerative braking not only passively charges the battery on the road, but also significantly minimizes brake wear. This promises to reduce your visits to the auto repair service. Regenerative braking also results in less demand on the brake system, meaning that dirt and corrosion can accumulate. A regular brake inspection is recommended every 12,000 km or according to usage. A general inspection is also recommended at the same frequency.

Many future EV drivers are wary of long-term battery performance. But what is the reality? Batteries normally carry an eight-year warranty, but their durability generally exceeds the life of the car, and can even reach 500,000 km. Can a gasoline engine claim similar results?

There's no denying it: the electrification of the transport industry is no longer in its infancy. We have truly entered the EV era, with all the advantages that entails. Garages are well aware of this new technology and are now equipped to deal with it. All that's left is for you to enjoy the ride.

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