Savings on Maintenance Costs

In addition to saving money on energy, EV drivers also save money on vehicle

maintenance. Compared to a gasoline vehicle, an electric vehicle’s maintenance costs

are reduced by 50% on average*.


Oil Changes

With a fully electric vehicle, no more oil changes. For plug-in hybrids, oil changes are generally half as frequent.

Brake Wear

One notable feature of electric vehicles is regenerative braking, an energy recovery mechanism used to slow down or stop which does not employ discs and pads, thus extending the brakes' service life.

Simpler Mechanics

While a gasoline engine consists of 200 to 250 technical parts, an electric motor only has around 50 parts. With their much simpler power train, electric vehicles require less maintenance and breakdowns are a rarer occurrence.

Absent Components

In gas vehicle maintenance, several parts and liquids are periodically replaced: belts, filters, spark plugs, muffler, coolant and others; all of which are absent in an electric vehicle.

In the case of plug-in hybrid vehicles, these components are included BUT they last much longer.


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