Sustainable savings: Lower Maintenance Costs Thanks to Electric Vehicles

In addition to saving money on energy, EV drivers also save money on vehicle

maintenance. Compared to a gasoline vehicle, an electric vehicle’s maintenance costs

are reduced by 50% on average*.


The importance of maintenance costs

When it comes to buying a car, the cost of maintenance is a crucial factor that is often underestimated. Beyond a vehicle's initial appeal, whether for its design, performance or environmental impact, it is the cost of maintenance that can significantly influence the owner's long-term experience.

  • Reliability and peace of mind: Thanks to their mechanical simplicity and reduced number of moving parts, electric vehicles offer greater reliability and contribute to drivers' peace of mind.
  • Impact on your personal budget: Opting for a vehicle with lower maintenance costs means you can better manage your personal finances.
  • Durability and long-term mobility: The extended life of components, associated with simplified maintenance, positions electric vehicles as economically responsible choices. This is perfectly in line with a sustainable mobility perspective.
  • The smart choice: Opting for an electric vehicle, with its reduced maintenance costs, is not only a financially intelligent decision, but also a step towards a more serene and sustainable driving experience.

Maintenance differences: EVs vs. conventional vehicles

Oil Changes

With a fully electric vehicle, no more oil changes. For plug-in hybrids, oil changes are generally half as frequent.

Brake Wear

One notable feature of electric vehicles is regenerative braking, an energy recovery mechanism used to slow down or stop which does not employ discs and pads, thus extending the brakes' service life, but some cleaning is nevertheless necessary.

Simpler Mechanics

While a gasoline engine consists of 200 to 250 technical parts, an electric motor only has around 50 parts. With their much simpler power train, electric vehicles require less maintenance and breakdowns are a rarer occurrence.

Absent Components

In gas vehicle maintenance, several parts and liquids are periodically replaced: belts, filters, spark plugs, muffler, coolant and others; all of which are absent in an electric vehicle.

In the case of plug-in hybrid vehicles, these components are included BUT they last much longer.

Preventive maintenance and intelligent diagnostics

Preventive maintenance is a proactive approach to vehicle servicing aimed at anticipating potential problems before they become costly. In the context of electric vehicles, the integration of intelligent diagnostic systems represents a major step forward in helping owners to maintain their vehicles efficiently and economically.

EV on-board diagnostic systems

Electric vehicles are equipped with sophisticated on-board diagnostic systems, often interconnected with the vehicle's electronic components. These systems monitor in real time the operation of various elements such as the battery, electric motor, braking systems, and other critical components. The data collected is analyzed continuously, enabling owners and technicians to detect potential anomalies long before they become urgent problems.

Benefits of preventive maintenance

  • Reduced long-term costs: By anticipating maintenance needs, EV owners can save significantly on long-term costs by avoiding costly repairs and extending component life.
  • Improved reliability and safety: By identifying and fixing potential problems before they become critical, preventive maintenance improves the overall reliability of the electric vehicle. This means safer driving, minimizing the risks associated with unexpected component failures.

Spare parts costs for electric vehicles

The availability and cost of spare parts play an essential role in the accessibility and profitability of electric vehicle maintenance.

Evolution of availability

As the electric vehicle market has grown, so has the availability of spare parts. Automakers and third-party suppliers have expanded their offerings to meet growing demand, resulting in increased accessibility for EV owners.

Cost comparison with conventional vehicles

In many cases, spare parts for electric vehicles can be cheaper than those for conventional fuel vehicles. This trend is due to the mechanical simplicity of EVs.

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Technological advances and forecasts in EV maintenance

Electric vehicle maintenance is a constantly evolving field, supported by technological advances and innovations designed to make this form of mobility even more economically attractive.

Artificial Intelligence

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into diagnostic systems promises to dramatically improve the ability of EVs to predict and prevent many problems. These technologies will enable more sophisticated data analysis, anticipating maintenance needs with greater precision.

Enhanced vehicle connectivity

The increasing connectivity of electric vehicles with cloud platforms will enable greater real-time monitoring. Manufacturers will be able to offer remote software updates, solve minor problems, and even anticipate maintenance needs thanks to the constant collection of vehicle performance data.

Lower battery costs

Battery costs, which currently account for a significant proportion of the total cost of an EV, should continue to fall as technology advances and the scale of production increases. This will contribute directly to a reduction in maintenance costs, particularly when it comes to battery replacement.

The EV Skills Program

More and more auto repair shops are certified by this program to service EVs.

The goal of the EV Skills is to provide structured training and recognized certification in the service and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles throughout Québec. It is aimed at mechanics specializing in auto mechanics and bodywork, working in the automobile service industry in Québec. In the future, a version of the program will also be offered to mechanics specializing in heavy-duty road vehicles.

Save money by switching to an electric car

The adoption of electric vehicles represents much more than just a transition to a cleaner energy source. It is also an economic change, where EV owners can make significant savings on the cost of maintaining their vehicle.

Explore, save, and embrace electric mobility - the smart choice for your wallet and our planet.


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