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Prius Prime SE

Compact car
Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)
72 km
1,782 $ / 20,000 km
35,911 $

2,500 $ provincial subsidy
5,000 $ federal subsidy


18,808 $
25 tonnes of CO2
Upon purchase of the vehicle

Projection of your total savings

See here the potential savings you could make with the Prius Prime SE (Toyota) against a comparable gasoline vehicle. The estimate takes into account an annual mileage of 20,000 km and other economic factors including the vehicle’s efficiency, energy prices and incentive rebates available.

Gas-powered vehicle
Prius Prime SE
Savings of
Without government subsidies - 6,521 $
Computation explanation

Projection of your environmental impact

Here is the reduction in CO2 emissions you could achieve with an annual mileage of 20,000 km and the Prius Prime SE (Toyota) against a comparable gasoline vehicle. Note that this is an estimate of emissions related solely to vehicle usage.

Gas-powered vehicle of CO2
Prius Prime SE
of CO2
CO2 avoided
of CO2

Over the entire life cycle, including battery and vehicle production, transportation to the user, vehicle usage and end of life disposal, an electric vehicle powered by hydroelectricity over a 150,000 km distance emits 65% less greenhouse gas (GHG) than a gasoline vehicle.


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