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Roulons électique (Running Electric) est une campagne gouvernementale nationale encourageant l'utilisation des voitures électriques.

L'application Zoom pour Roulons électrique permet aux administrateurs d'un certain nombre d'organisations partenaires de connecter leurs comptes Zoom respectifs et de créer et de gérer de manière transparente des réunions Zoom sur les voitures électriques (tests routiers virtuels, conférences, discussions), y compris le processus d'inscription.

  • Prerequisites
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Zoom account role privileges required for roulons électrique
  • Using the Roulons électrique app
  • Uninstalling Roulons électrique app
  • Contact Support


You must be a Zoom admin to install the app, and you need a paid plan to use it (you must be a licenced user).

Note: If you are not a Zoom Admin, you can ask the app to be pre-approved, please contact your Zoom admin.

Installation and Configuration

1-Zoom configuration :

1-Go to the Roulons Electrique dashboard and enter your credentials ::


2-Click on "organization"

Site Administration1.png

3-Select your organisation, ex : AVÉQ Formation :


4-at the bottom of the page, click on "Configurer Zoom" :

configurer Zoom.png

5-You will be prompted to "Authorize" access to your Zoom account :


6-You will see now that Zoom account is configured and you will be prompted to connect with your credentials:

Zoom configuré.png

2-Event Creation (Private) :

1-Go to the Roulons Electrique dashboard and enter your credentials :


2-Click on "Add" Zoom events:

Note: A Zoom meeting is automatically created when you create an event with the date and duration information provided.

Admin_add_zoom_event (2).png

3-Fill the form by entering your event details :


4-You can edit your event by clicking on "Change" :

Admin_add_zoom_event (1).png

5-Click on the Event you would like to change, ex :

Note: When you change the date or duration of an event, registered users will receive an email notification of the changes made.

Admin_zoom_event_list (1).png

2-Public Zoom event registration :

1-From there, the public will be able to register to your event, the information will be seamlessly communicated to Zoom, and the registrants will receive the proprer invitation URL to Zoom as part of the registration process. For the public, it typically looks like any other Roulons Electrique participation :


2-At the end of the registration process, registrant will be expose to a confirmation page including their personal invitation link to Zoom similar to:

public_zoom_registration (1).png

3-Show registration :

1-On the Admin console> Site administration, click on "Zoom Registration"


2-From this page you can view or edit the list of registrations :


Zoom account role privileges required for roulons électrique

This app requires the following scopes. The correspondent role privileges must be satisfied in order to complete the app installation.

Required App Scopes Matching Zoom Account Role Privileges :

  • View your meetings
  • View and manage your meeting
  • View your user information
  • View your profile information

Uninstalling Roulons électrique app

Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Roulons électrique app.

Click the Roulons électrique app.

Click Uninstall.

Contact Support

Our support team is available to respond to user requests via email at

1st response SLA is less than 24 business hours.

Available business hours : Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST

Users must reach us by email with their full name, email address and a brief description of the problem(s).

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