EV life by region


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Choosing the EV in Estrie has become obvious, as much for the individual as for corporate fleets. Find out why through this series of short video clips produced in collaboration with Conseil régional de l'environnement de l'Estrie (CREE).

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Estrie and Montérégie run electric: The state of the charging station network

Is the EV charging network sufficiently developed in Estrie and Montérégie? How is the network deployed?

In this short video clip, Martin Archambault, Senior Business Development Representative at Hydro-Québec's eMobility Department, explains why it is so easy to charge your vehicle when traveling in Estrie and Montérégie!


In Estrie, the population loves running electric!

Can an electric car be spacious enough and have enough range to take you to your favorite outdoor destinations? Can it keep you warm in the winter and hold the road well? Can you transport heavy loads in a trailer? Discover how the electric car can meet the needs of the Estrie population by listening to the testimony of three electric motorists from the region!


In Estrie, we drive electric!

Is it realistic to make deliveries by electric van? Is it possible to convert a gasoline vehicle to an electric vehicle? Is it advantageous for a small or medium-sized municipality to opt for electric vehicles? Can a company that makes deliveries everywhere in Quebec really think about having a fleet of 100% electric vehicles? Discover how the electric car can meet the needs of Estrie organizations by listening to testimonials from two businesses and a municipality in Estrie!

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