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Summer EVasion

5 July 2023

Summer is finally here. Many of us will be hitting the roads for a well-deserved vacation. Why not travel with an electric vehicle? It is an easy and affordable way to get away, since reducing your dependence on fossil fuels has never been so accessible.

More charging points and longer range

The number of charging stations on North American roads is constantly increasing, making long-distance travel easier for EV drivers with a thirst for the great outdoors. Today's electric vehicles also have significantly greater range than previous models, thus simplifying the planning for multi-day road trips. By downloading charging station network applications (such as Electric Circuit and ChargeHub), finding a charging station on the road is even easier than finding a gas station.

What's more, charging sessions are the perfect opportunity to discover new parts of the country, which is the essence of any self-respecting road trip! Charging a vehicle is not limited to freeway service areas: mealtimes, overnight stays at hotels or 110 V plugs at campsites are all good ways to take full advantage of an electric drive.

A long list of benefits

Experienced EV drivers will be hard pressed to find any disadvantages to travelling in electric mode. With the price of gas skyrocketing, you can now travel long distances in an EV for a fraction of the price.

With the diversification of EV models, it is now possible to attach a trailer or install a roof box for camping trips. Electric vehicles are also ideal for family outings. With a more peaceful and quieter ride, passengers enjoy greater comfort and tend to fall asleep more easily.

Electric campers are even beginning to appear on the roads allowing for a van life with a lower carbon footprint. Let's bet that this trend will gain in popularity in the years to come.

Testing the electric drive

Road trips can be the perfect opportunity to try out the electric drive by renting an electric car. Several rental and car-sharing companies offer EVs, including Communauto and Goclico. Thanks to the SAUVéR project, some municipalities are also making EVs available to their residents. A practical option for those who don't own a car, or for those who want to experiment with electric driving.

Travelling with an EV means taking advantage of charging opportunities to explore new parts of the country and travelling in total comfort with a deep sense of doing what’s right for the environment. In short, it means making the most of your vacations and the landscapes along the way!

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