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IVEO Comparator

12 April 2023

During the International Summit on Electric and Intelligent Transportation organized by Propulsion Québec, IVEO announced its brand new simulation tool designed to help Quebec municipalities with the management of the electrification of their vehicle fleets.

Founded in 2018 and a partner of the Running electric campaign, IVEO's mission is to increase innovation in the municipal sector and its new simulation software offers concrete assistance to all decision-makers working in this field.

"By working closely with our city partners, we have been able to understand the complexity of transport electrification in the municipal sector. The simulator we are proposing will undoubtedly allow decision-makers to make informed choices to maximise the environmental impact of each dollar invested.”

Benoit Balmana, Executive director IVÉO

A financial but also an environmental help

Imagined and designed to accurately calculate all operating costs by comparing gas vehicles to their electric counterparts, the comparator is a free software to help managers evaluate the savings that can be made when creating a fleet of vehicles. The idea is to offer municipalities the possibility to try out several purchase scenarios by integrating various personalised data such as their projected budget for the year.

But in addition to offering a global vision of the estimated costs and types of vehicles available, this tool also makes it possible to be informed about the tons of greenhouse gases emissions currently released into the atmosphere and thus raise awareness about global warming.

A very complete software

Easy to use, the comparator, not only presents the costs for different types of vehicles fleets, it also details its results with the available subsidies, all the accessible electric vehicles, the possible savings, the liters of fuel consumed per 100km, the average annual mileage and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in tons over 10 years. It then highlights the relevance or not of electrifying certain vehicles by prioritizing the right investments.

The tool then instantly generates a detailed printable report that can be used to implement the new fleet.

A reliable and accessible program

Conceived and built by the IVÉO team, this original project relied on the expertise of the Institut du Véhicule Innovant staff to confirm the data and the various calculation hypotheses used. Finally, even though some prices will fluctuate over time (fuel, subsidies, etc.), they will be adjusted to market reality when the differences are significant.

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