Range and charging

Charging time and charging speed

Driving electric is practical. Discover how must it costs in electricity to travel 20,000 km with an electric car and compare that with the cost of gas for the same distance. See also which factors influence charging time and charging speed.

Charging time

How long does it take to charge an EV?

In fact, EV owners don't really worry about this, since charging is almost always done at home.

Charging your car when you get home is as quick and easy as charging your phone or computer.

Factors that influence charging speed

Charging speed is the number of kilometers added to the vehicle's range per hour of charging.

The factors that influence the charging speed include:

  • the charging station’s power level;
  • the battery’s state of charge;
  • the battery’s temperature;
  • The on-board charger’s power (the vehicle’s equipment)
  • The outside temperature
  • The preheating of the vehicle

Charging costs

Driving electric is simply less expensive... even when using public charging.

Compare the cost of driving 20,000 kilometres based on a vehicle's fuel consumption and energy prices (gas or electricity).

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