Purchase and Lease Incentives for EVs

The governments of Quebec and Canada offer a discount to individuals, businesses, organizations and municipalities who wish to purchase an electric vehicle.

Quebecers can obtain a cumulative rebate of up to $12,000 for a new vehicle and $3,500 for a used vehicle. Electric motorcycles are also eligible for a rebate of $2,000 and electric scooters for a rebate of $500.

The list of eligible models and the rebates associated with each model vary for each program, and also depend on the vehicle’s model-year. It is therefore important to check the list of eligible vehicles on the website of each rebate program.

«Roulez vert» Program (new vehicle)

For all the details and conditions of the Roulez vert Program from the Government of Quebec, visit the website :

iZEV Program (new vehicle)

For all the details and conditions of the iZEV Program from the Government of Canada, visit the website :

«Roulez vert» Program (used vehicle)

For all the details and conditions of the rebate for a used vehicle in Quebec, visit the website :

Simplified management, reduced monthly payments

If the new vehicle is dealer-financed (purchase or lease), most manufacturers will offer to directly subtract the government rebate from the total purchase price (after various fees and taxes). The monthly vehicle payments are therefore reduced*.

NOTE: these discounts are not taxable for individuals.

* Tesla only offers this service for the federal grant of $5,000, if applicable (depending on the chosen model). The Tesla buyer will therefore have to take the necessary steps to obtain the Quebec rebate of $7,000 (Roulez vert Program).

Companies that also subsidize their employees!

Some Quebec companies have chosen to encourage their employees to move away from gasoline, in order to participate in the energy transition and the fight against climate change.

All the details here

Recharger au travail

EV subsidies for commercial and institutional needs

Other programs are available for businesses and municipalities. All kind of electric commercial vehicles are covered, from heavy trucks to electric cargo bikes.

Programs for businesses and municipalities

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