Green Plate Benefits

The numbers and letters of the vehicle of the license plate of the plug-in vehicles

are green in colour. This plate has several benefits.

Access to Reserved Lanes

Electric vehicles with a green license plate can drive in many reserved lanes, regardless of the number of passengers. To find out if you can use a reserved lane, look for the electric vehicle pictogram on signs along the following roads and highways:

  • LAVAL: A-15 Northbound, A-25 Southbound, A-25 Northbound (towards Terrebonne)
  • LÉVIS: R-116 Eastbound, R-132 Eastbound
  • LONGUEUIL: R-112 Westbound (Victoria Bridge Access Road)
  • MONTREAL: A-15 Northbound, A-20 (Dorval and Lachine, close to the A-13)
  • QUEBEC: A-740 Northbound, A-740 Southbound, A-440 Westbound
  • SAINT-LAMBERT: R-112 Westbound (Victoria Bridge Access Road)
  • TERREBONNE: A-25 Northbound

Several new reserved lanes will be added to this list in the coming years in the Montreal and Quebec City areas.

Toll Exemptions

Plug-in vehicles benefit from free access to toll bridges on autoroutes 25 and 30 as well as to the paid ferry services of the Société des traversiers du Québec:

Free Parking

In the cities of Joliette, Saint-Jérôme and Victoriaville, parking may be free for plug-in vehicles. Visit the municipalities website to learn more about terms and conditions.


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