EV guide

Discover the benefits of electric driving and find all the information you need to choose a plug-in vehicle that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.


Costs and savings

Because of significant savings on energy and maintenance costs, a plug-in vehicle is very often a much less expensive option than a gasoline vehicle.

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Couts et économie


Types of plug-in vehicles

Discover the key features of all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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Types de véhicules


Charging your vehicle

When charging is done mainly at home, the battery is full every day. When travelling, EV drivers can rely on public charging networks.

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Recharger son véhicule


Why drive electric?

Beyond the cost savings, there are many perks to driving electric vehicles: you reduce pollution emissions, they have green plate benefits and you can charge them at home.

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Pourquoi rouler électrique

Discover the electrical experience

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