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To select the best option for you, first consider your transportation habits and preferences. Then, make a choice that will maximize the number of daily electric kilometres.

Fully electric vehicle (EV)

- Consumes no fossil fuels;

- Runs on electricity at all times;

- Range of 100 to 500 km depending on the model;

- Compatible with fast charging, with some exceptions.

- Highly reduced energy and maintenance costs;

- Access to fast charging;

- Runs quietly and vibration-free;

- Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

- Two-vehicle households;

- Two-vehicle households that already have a plug-in vehicle;

- Motorists who travel over 85 km a day;

- Motorists who travel longer journeys (more than 300 km) only a few times a year.

Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV)

- Both electric motor and combustion engine;

- Rechargeable electric range of 20 to 85 km depending on the model;

- Total range comparable to combustion vehicles because of fuel tank.

- Reduced energy and maintenance costs;

- Electric/gasoline compromise for more frequent long journeys;

- Fully electric on short trips;

- Reduced GHG emissions.

- Single-vehicle households;

- First purchase of a plug-in vehicle;

- Motorists who travel longer journeys multiple times a month.

- Motorists who travel to isolated places with no public charging stations.


Small or Large Car, Small or Large battery?

As with the choice between a fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, the ideal battery size depends on your transportation habits and your reality.

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