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Buy a used EV - All you should know

(Presented only in french)

A webinar series that answers all of your questions about buying a used electric car.


The used EV option

(Presented only in french)

Portrait of the used EV market: incentives, required maintenance, components to monitor, choice of garage, battery life, pre-purchase inspection, manufacturer warranties.
A presentation by Roulons Électrique and CAA-Quebec


Used EVs are great bargain, but not at any cost!

(Presented only in french)

An insight into the pre-owned electric car market: incentives, maintenance, components to check, choosing a garage, lifespan of the battery, inspection before buying, OEM warranty.


  • Jesse Caron, Automotive Expert at CAA-Québec

Presented on Zoom by AVÉQ.

Broadcasted live on October 21, 2020 on Zoom


The used electric vehicle market

(Presented only in french)

Round table about the used electric car.

  • Familiarize yourself with the used EV market
  • Learn about purchase incentives, reliability and maintenance
  • Become familiar with the environmental aspects of a second-hand car purchase

Guests :

Three electromobilists who purchased a used EV

  • Lynn Chadwick: owner of a 2016 Spark EV (and her spouse has an IONIQ EV);
  • Valérie Dussault: new owner of a 2015 LEAF;
  • Claude Harvey: convinced electromobilist who is in possession of his fifth EV, of which the last four purchased used;
  • Alissa André: Marketing Director at Simon André Electric Vehicles, a used EV dealer located in Trois-Rivières;


Daniel Rochefort, from Équiterre

Broadcasted live on June 17, 2020 on Zoom