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At Montreal, the blooming of local initiatives in favor of the transition to e-mobility are numerous and inspiring. Community stakeholders testify in this series of webinars presented by the Conseil Régional de l’Environnement de Montréal (CREMTL).


E-Mobility: combining mobility and ecological transition in the Montreal context

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Webinar organized by the Montreal Regional Environmental Council as part of the Roulons Electrique campaign.

An Equiterre initiative with the support of Transition Energétique Québec (TEQ)

Panelists :

Philippe Dunsky : Dunsky's CEO

Jacques Côté : Engineer in the Transportation Electrification Department at Hydro-Québec

David Corbeil : Association des véhicules électrique du Québec (AVEQ)

Jonathan Robichaud : Planning Advisor, Planning and Policy Division at the City of Montreal Urban Planning and Mobility Department

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