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In Monteregie, the blooming of local initiatives in favor of the transition to e-mobility are numerous and inspiring. Community stakeholders testify in this series of webinars presented by the Conseil Régional de l’Environnement de la Montérégie (CREM).

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Electric vehicle fleets in Montérégie

Electrifier sa flotte de véhicules

(French content only)

CRE Montérégie invites you to learn more about the conversion of the vehicle fleet of the City of Varennes and the companies and institutions supported by Maillon Vert.

Panélistes :

  • Martin Damphousse: Mayor of the City of Varennes. In 2009, the City of Varennes acquired its first hybrid vehicle. Little by little, the City has chosen to continue in this direction by increasing the number of electric and hybrid vehicles. Mr. Damphousse talks about the decisions, apprehensions and stages of electrification of the municipal fleet.
  • Margot Schleich: Consultant in Sustainable Development at Maillon Vert. Maillon vert was the first company to bring sustainable development to pharmacies, then extended its services to local businesses and institutions. Its team has specialized in the electrification of vehicles for deliveries and operational needs.

Meeting moderated by Judith Lavoie, sustainable mobility agent at CRE Montérégie.

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