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Centre du Quebec

(Presented only in french)

In Centre du Quebec region, the blooming of local initiatives in favor of the transition to e-mobility are numerous and inspiring. Community stakeholders testify in this series of webinars presented by the Conseil Régional de l’Environnement du Centre du Québec (CRECQ).

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Fleet electrification - Case analysis in Centre-du-Québec

(French content only)

Based on the case of Center-du-Québec, we highlight the advantages, challenges and winning strategies for the electrification of a fleet of commercial, institutional or industrial vehicles.

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Offer EV charging stations: why and how?

(French content only)

Based on concrete cases in Centre-du-Quebec, this webinar highlights the motivations, advantages and conditions for setting up charging infrastructure and other incentives for electrification in businesses, institutions or businesses.

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