Short video

Short video : EV life by model

6 electric car owners who present their model and explain their life in an electric vehicle.

NOTE : Presented only in French.


Renié Boisvert - Nissan LEAF

As René puts it so well, "To try it is to adopt it ..."

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Richard Martel - Chevrolet BOLT

As Richard puts it so well, "There is a certain pride in saying that the energy I consume is 100% from Quebec.."

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Isabelle Boisvert - Hyundai IONIQ

As Isabelle put it so well, "Having three children took up a lot of seating. The space in the IONIQ is impressive "

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Michel Turcotte - Chevrolet VOLT

As Michel puts it so well, "I will never go back for a gasoline car ... by the way, the next one will surely be a 100% electric car!"

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Marc Neiderer et sa Tesla

Marc Neiderer - Tesla

As Marc puts it so well, "An electric car changes someone's life ..."

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Sylvain Beauchesne - Volkswagen eGolf

As Sylvain put it so well, "I can travel without any problem, summer or winter. I regularly went to Quebec, Estrie and Montreal… "

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