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Running Electric Survey: Towards the Democratization of EVs

5 April 2023

The fourth edition of our annual survey, an initiative of the Running Electric campaign, was conducted in December 2022. More than 2,250 respondents shared their opinions, perceptions and experiences related to electric vehicles (EVs). Our goal is to determine the importance of promotional events, test drives and other factors that may influence the purchase of an EV as well as to understand the behaviours of potential buyers, such as barriers or enablers to getting an EV.

If we analyze the evolution of the typical profile of an EV buyer in this survey, whether it is the broadening of the salary scale or the levels of education, we can see that a real progression in the democratization of EVs is underway in Québec.

A rapidly evolving market

Our survey shows that 43% of respondents have recently purchased an EV (100% electric or hybrid), and 81% of them have purchased a fully electric vehicle. The shift in the proportion between all-electric and hybrid vehicles is impressive. Compared to our previous survey, the choice of a 100% EV has increased by 16%.

Furthermore, nearly 10% of buyers have opted for a used EV. It is interesting to note that their level of satisfaction is almost identical to those who opted for a new model.

Another interesting fact is that EVs are becoming more common in the family car fleet, which means that gasoline vehicles are more and more being replaced.

Try it, and you’ll love it!

The Running Electric campaign organizes EV test drives across Québec. Half (51%) of respondents who have purchased an EV do consider test drives to be instrumental in their decision. Having the opportunity to experience electric driving, see different models, and discuss with experts is an effective way to demonstrate the actual benefits of EVs.

Myths and realities of delivery delays

We often hear about waiting lists at dealerships. What about the buyers who responded to our survey? 55% of new EV buyers were able to take possession of their vehicle in less than 6 months, while 30% waited between 6 months and 1 year. Although the survey is not representative of the entire Québec population, it is not uncommon to get an EV in just a few months.

For the used car market, the waiting period is even shorter, if not non-existent. The wait was less than a week for more than half of the buyers and more than 40% received their vehicle

in less than 4 weeks. The availability of inventory is the main reason for choosing a used vehicle for 87% of respondents, well ahead of its price (57% of respondents).

To better understand the extent of the waiting list problem, the number of different orders placed by the same buyer was surveyed. It was found that nearly 65% of buyers ordered multiple vehicles or models in parallel. Half of these buyers reserved 2 vehicles, 30% reserved 3 vehicles, and 13% reserved 4 vehicles or more! One in five orders was for 2 vehicles and 14% for 3 or more. This duplication has an undeniable and drastic impact on waiting lists and could undoubtedly have a significant impact on actual delivery times.

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