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Running Electric 2022 Contest: Congratulations to the Winner!

24 April 2023

Running electric is pleased to announce the winner of our 2022 contest who was awarded the 100% electric package. The winner is Mr. Jean-Marc Narbonne, who entered our contest following a test drive of an electric vehicle in Quebec City.

Gagnant Concours 2022.png

From left to right: Mr. Jean-Marc Narbonne with his spouse, lucky winner of the Running Electric 2022 Contest


The 100% electric package, worth $22,725, includes :

  • A full year's lease of a 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV offered by Lussier Chevrolet, valued at $12,000;
  • A one-year insurance policy from Sonnet Insurance valued at up to $2,500;
  • A FLO residential charging station for electric vehicles valued at $1,495;
  • Installation of the residential charging station by BEQ Technology for a maximum value of $2,500;
  • $350 in charging credits from the Circuit Électrique public charging network.
  • 4 adapted Continental winter tires (offered by Continental) and the rotation of summer and winter tires by OK Pneus (installation and balancing included) valued at $1,800;
  • A one-year Videotron mobile phone package, along with a Samsung S21 phone and wireless headphones, valued at $2,080;

Stay tuned for more details on our 2023 contest and congratulations to Jean-Marc Narbonne!

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