Types de véhicules
EV guide

Fully electric or plug-in hybrid?

To select the best option for you, first consider your transportation habits and preferences. Then, make a choice that will maximize the number of daily electric kilometres.

Fully electric vehicle (EV)

- Consumes no fossil fuels;

- Runs on electricity at all times;

- Range of 100 to 500 km depending on the model;

- Compatible with fast charging, with some exceptions.

- Highly reduced energy and maintenance costs;

- Access to fast charging;

- Runs quietly and vibration-free;

- Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

- Two-vehicle households;

- Two-vehicle households that already have a plug-in vehicle;

- Motorists who travel over 85 km a day;

- Motorists who travel longer journeys (more than 300 km) only a few times a year.

Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV)

- Both electric motor and combustion engine;

- Rechargeable electric range of 20 to 85 km depending on the model;

- Total range comparable to combustion vehicles because of fuel tank.

- Reduced energy and maintenance costs;

- Electric/gasoline compromise for more frequent long journeys;

- Fully electric on short trips;

- Reduced GHG emissions.

- Single-vehicle households;

- First purchase of a plug-in vehicle;

- Motorists who travel longer journeys multiple times a month.

- Motorists who travel to isolated places with no public charging stations.

Rouler à l’énergie propre du Québec

Evaluate your daily travels

Take the typical example of a driver averaging 130 km per day. This person can choose from several models with a range of 150 to 200 kilometres, thus saving several thousand dollars on the vehicle’s acquisition cost compared to models offering a greater range.

Grande ou petite batterie

Large or small battery?

Like the choice between a fully electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle, the ideal battery size depends on your travel habits. A larger battery will of course provide greater range, but the vehicle’s cost will be higher and more difficult to justify if the range greatly exceeds your needs.

Thanks to home charging, the battery is full every day. Therefore, daily commuting determines the required range and thus, the ideal battery size.


Charging your vehicle


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