Range and charging

Optimizing EV range

Driving electric is efficient. Maximize your EV’s range with ecodriving techniques, scheduled charging sessions and energy regeneration.

EV drivers apply ecodriving principles to optimize range and get the most out of their plug-in vehicle and minimize seasonal range variations.

Greater efficiency with ecodriving

As with gasoline vehicles, ecodriving techniques allow you to consume less energy while driving. In the case of plug-in vehicles, this can add many kilometres to their electric range.

Energy recovery, the ultimate efficiency!

When slowing down, part of a plug-in vehicle’s movement energy is "recovered" and returned to the battery. This recovery system allows for "one-pedal driving" referenced by users familiar with the technology. Much of the braking is done simply by releasing the accelerator which triggers a regenerative brake - an engine brake of sorts. By applying ecodriving principles, a driver can (depending on weather conditions) add several kilometres to the estimated range because of improved energy efficiency.

Example of energy recovery: up and down hills

In a gasoline-powered vehicle, the engine will consume more when climbing a hill and then there will be a loss of energy while braking in the descent. With an electric vehicle, climbing will also obviously use more energy , but when going downhill, some energy spent will be "regenerated" and returned to the battery. At the end of the trip, the energy consumption of an electric vehicle will hardly be greater than if there were no inclines!

Energy recovery

Schedule charging and preheat vehicle while plugged in

Two other strategies used to optimize energy efficiency are: scheduling the charging sessions and preheating the vehicle while still plugged in. These strategies are more commonly used in winter.

  • Schedule charging (with the vehicle’s dashboard or mobile application) so that it is completed just before the planned departure time. That way, battery temperature is optimal.
  • The remote starter, when used while the car is still plugged in, makes it possible to preheat the vehicle using energy fed by the charging station and to thus avoid drawing from the battery’s reserve.

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