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Autobus Thomas: Leader in School Bus Electrification

Overview of Autobus Thomas electric school bus:

  • Operating range of up to 225 km
  • Charging time of 2 to 3 hours, depending on the type of charging station
  • Battery storage capacity of 220 kWh
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Project history

The transportation sector is a major generator of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for around 43% of total emissions in Québec. With some 10,000 school buses on the province's roads, the electrification of this fleet represents a great opportunity to participate in the energy transition.

With their routine and predictable routes, school buses are indeed ideal vehicles for electrification. Children are the first beneficiaries, as they will no longer be exposed to exhaust fumes on their way to school.

Autobus Thomas are already very much involved in this energy transition. After years of research and development, this Drummondville-based company and its partners have designed a 100% electric school bus.

Benefits of the electric school bus

Marketed in 2021, the Autobus Thomas electric school bus has a range of up to 225 km. The durability and autonomy of the battery meet the needs of school transporters. Thanks to these features, the vehicle can be easily introduced to the fleet of carriers, enabling them to carry out their daily routes. And because it is easy to use and a pleasure to drive, once drivers have been properly trained, they will be able to get the most out of this vehicle very quickly.

Tips for electrifying school transportation

According to Autobus Thomas, the electrification of school transport goes far beyond replacing diesel buses with electric ones. Here are some key points to bear in mind if you want to electrify this type of vehicle:

● Conduct an electrification feasibility study
● Obtain information on available subsidies
● Identify the location for building your infrastructure
● Have sufficient power supply infrastructure for your fleet and involve Hydro-Québec in the installation of the power supply
● Negotiate electricity rates with Hydro-Québec
● Install suitable charging stations for your needs.

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