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9 Reasons to Electrify your Fleet

Electrifying your fleet, or part of it, will bring many benefits and can be done gradually. Here are the main aspects in which electric vehicles have advantages over gasoline fuelled vehicles.

  1. Economically sound
    Annual savings of more than 75% are possible on the operating costs of an electric vehicle compared to a gasoline vehicle, including energy and maintenance costs.
  2. Simplified expense accounts
    Because electric vehicles are supplied with energy from your facilities, it is easier to manage fleet-related energy expenses. Dedicated meters can be installed to accurately track vehicle consumption.
  3. Easy to charge
    Nothing could be easier than charging an electric vehicle. Just plug it in and everything is done automatically. In most scenarios, the vehicle is fully charged each morning, ready for its day of use. The time spent at the pump is replaced by productive time for the company, as the connection to the charging station only takes a moment.
  4. Preheated vehicles in winter
    For most models of electric vehicle, when they are connected to a Level 2 (240V) charging station, it is possible to preheat the cabin, benches, battery, and engine without using up the energy stored in the vehicle. This preheating can be programmed to be activated before leaving the office. This minimizes the loss of range in winter and allows you to start your day in a more comfortable vehicle.
  5. Beneficial to the environment
    Electric cars have a higher manufacturing environmental footprint than gasoline cars, but their overall ecological impact is lower. In fact, electric vehicles generate few pollutants during their use, which more than compensates for their initial environmental impact. In Québec, an electric vehicle becomes more environmentally friendly than a gasoline vehicle after 29,000 to 85,000 km of use, making it a more environmentally friendly option in the long run.
  6. Fun to drive
    The instant acceleration, excellent handling, quiet ride, and lack of vibration that electric vehicles provide make for a smooth and enjoyable drive.
  7. Advantageous green plate
    Governments and municipalities are putting in place various measures to encourage the acquisition of plug-in vehicles. These include access to dedicated highway lanes, toll-free access to certain bridges, free ferry rides, and free parking in some cities.
  8. Energy Cost Predictability
    The cash flow associated with operating a fleet is subject to a great deal of instability, caused by the sometimes drastic fluctuation of gasoline prices. The price of electricity is very stable, and increases are predictable and communicated in advance.
  9. Limited maintenance
    Many of the traditional mechanical parts that require maintenance are absent on an electric vehicle. There is no need for oil changes, spark plug, belt, and transmission maintenance.

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