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1. Annual mileage

Indicate the total mileage you travel annually with your vehicle. If you do not know your average, make a most realistic estimate possible.

Annual mileage

2. Daily mileage

Indicate the daily mileage you travel with your vehicle for a typical day. This represents your regular daily commute, for example the round trip to work including traveling on the road and evening trips. This does not include your exceptional (less than 4 times a year) nor occasional (less than once a month) longer journeys.

Daily mileage

3. Price for the purchase of a new vehicle

Indicate the price range you are aiming for in this exploration process. Note that most vehicles are eligible for subsidies that have been deducted from the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Price for the purchase of a new vehicle
Including subsidies

4. Number of seats required

Indicate the number of seats required in the vehicle.

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